BULLET BELTS (from a Canadian retailer)

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This is where i got my belt from. its the only place you can really
get them from because nowhere in the states can ship these things over

the cheapest one is $58..




just wanted to give you the update... RWE is giving away free T-shirts with all orders over $70!!! Its a pretty sweet shirt they're giving away too. i got one the other day...


so basically, if you order a bullet belt or even a couple t-shirts youre getting this for free:


free shirt



Hey thanks, Columbian Vixen!

 Everywhere else I have seen that has bullet belts for sale wanted well over $100, and only one size: Anorexic.

Thanks for the link!

Went shopping around Vancouver on Saturday, and found three places on Granville Street that sell Bullet Belts.

One was the Vancouver Rock Shop, and was the cheapest at $69 (brass only). The next place is Camouflage, at $89, but had both brass and nickel belts. Cherry Bomb also carried them for $99 (brass only).

Yes the website is cheaper, but for those who can't or don't do online shopping, they can be found locally.

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