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anyone else find being "bi" to becoming a trend amoung youngsters these days? it's getting kinda annoying..... ??)

*continues to listen to rasputina and faints because they are so beautiful*

yeah i was talking about that earlier today or yesterday who knows, anyway i thought maybe the 'bi' trend has come out of a freedom sexually that it is our  society has granted us in the recent years , i mean finally gay couples can marry in our country. i have no faith in society anymore but the fact we are coming closer to equal rights for those of all sexual orientations is great. i think you really have something about the role switching and how each sex seems to be attached to their stereotyped role......soory im rambled i haven't slept well in awhile and im getting twitchy twitchy

I've definitely noticed the bi trend among young adults.  I think that it's a sign of the times.  What I mean is that there seems to be an acceleration of consciousness going on..and it's speeding up.  I think that being bi, or bi curious, is really just people starting to realise that they are first and foremost living beings, rather than male or female.  When someone has an experience with someone of the same sex, there is a realisation that comes with it.  Someone will usually be naturally more dominant in that same sex experience, however it manifests.  So, if you're a man, and used to being dominant, and then have an experience where you take a submissive role, you realise that you can be in that position...and it's as okay as being in control.  It's interesting to look at that through bdsm; men and women topping and bottoming is really an opportunity for them to know the polarity in themselves; reaching outward, or taking inward.  My partner and I switch quite a bit.  She is changing a lot because of it, and becoming more confident as a person.  It seems very important to me.  I don't think a man or woman can really understand their human form until they have been both dominant and submissive.  It goes way beyond sexuality...but, of course, the sexual, or physical action is a stage in the process.  I foresee in my mind's eye that more and more people who are attracted to the scene will become switches, not neccessarily sexually, but that they will come to know the humility of surrender as a sub, and the responsibility of control and personal authority as a dom/me.

It's like being bisexual is the adventurous way to prove you're 'cool'.

I think of bisexuality as less than elegantly 'swinging both ways', but as being so damned torn as to which gender is more preferable that you can't make up your mind.  Pepsi ...or Coke... or Pepsi...

Essentially, bisexuality is for fence-sitters, heh!


Well, I think it's great that people are exploring their sexuality. It can be annoying when people say that they are bisexual in a bragging kind of way. I don't use a label on my sexuality, people can make their own assumptions/judgements about me for all I care. I think that's the way it should be. People should be people, not gay or straight or bi. Let's just be people. If people think it makes them cool to say they are bisexual, then they have insecurities. I don't see how any sexual preference can be "cool". You know? You like who you like, and that's the way it is.

NIN are beautiful at least to me they have (well trent) has talent but the bands i mentioned*shudders* and the new kids of alternative don't know who the hell Christian Death , Cinema Strange, the dead boys , or the dishrags are for  example......sorry im a music addict......yea im listening to nin at the moment too

hehe good stuff ......yeah it isn't anything new but asa youngster myself i see peers dive into the bisexuality/ subculture/ alterative thing as a new trend thinking evanecence is the newface of goth and good charlotte the new face of punk it upsets the stomach really

It doesn't seem so new to me. It's been part of the sub-culture from the get-go 20-odd years ago.

Over ten years ago the Dead Milkmen were already making fun of the already-ten-years-old then stereotypes:


(Taken from the The Dead Milkmen album "Bucky Fellini", relased 1993)

[bold added by me for emphasis]

You'll dance to anything (x4)

Oh, baby, look at you

Don't you look like Siouxsie Sioux

How long'd it take to get that way

What a terrible waste of energy

You wear black clothes say you're poetic

The sad truth is you're just pathetic

Get into the groove just get out of my way

I came here to drink not to get laid

So why don't you just go on home

'Cause if you want to moan you'll have to moan alone

You'll dance to anything (x2)

Don't try to tell me that you're an intellectual

Cause you're just another boring bisexual

"I met Andy Warhol at a really chic party"

Blow it out your hairdo 'cause you work at Hardees

80 pounds of make up on your art school skin

80 points of I.Q. located within

Know what you are? You're a bunch of ...

Artfags! Artfags! Artfags! Artfags!

Choke on this you dance-a-teria types!

You'll dance to anything by the Communards

You'll dance to anything by Book of Love

You'll dance to anything by The Smiths

You'll dance to anything by Depeche Commode

You'll dance to anything by Public Image Limited

You'll dance to anything by Naked Truth

You'll dance to anything by any bunch of stupid Europeans

who come over here with their big hairdos

intent on taking our money instead of giving your cash,

where it belongs, to a decent American artist like myself!

You'll dance to anything!

Yup, gotta love the Dead Milkmen


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