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I need a knowing soul(s) to guide the way.

I know this sounds lame, but I'm newly 19 and I've never been to the goth clubs here...would a jolly group of you adopt me? 

PUH-leeeeze??  I'm just a laugh riot once I get going :)

OK, yes, Blender is cancelled this week. Heh. I guess it's hard to have a club night when all the DJ's are going to Bauhaus ;)

oh whats this?..i have only been to sanctuary once..and my "dancing partner" has since abandoned me for UVic..i am only 19 as well...and very green to the club scene  with only a small background in if any meeting like this is happening for club nights..let me know as well..that would be great

I missed Blender due to being sick.  Now that sucks - missing work is ok, but not a cool event like Blender.  I will be going to Blender for sure this week - and probably Sanctuary on Sunday as well.  If Puck and Starr are up for it, we could meet up at Malone's again first.

Always looking for new people to hang out with, but waay to sore(Opeth last night)to be out and abot this weekend. Blender this Thursday for sure tho.

Malone's bar and grill 525 Seymour at 8:30pm.  So far 4 confirmed - if you want to meet some people in a different setting come on out.

Plus it's an opportunity to go into a sports bar in black clothes.  Should be good for stretching some people's minds....

Ok some of us are game for meeting before blender tomorrow night - 8:30 - suggestions as to where?  What's close to the Arch that's not a karaoke or country music bar?

I am escorting Anna to Blender tomorrow night along with a couple of other people new to the Vancouver scene.  We should be there at 10 but we might be meeting up earlier for a couple of drinks first.

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