what  are you listening to?

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its a question that belongs in all forums:

what are you listening to as of late?

right now im listening to my bloody valentine the loveless album

Lately I've been losing my mind over the internet radio stations that play all the music and voice-overs from the disney parks. The Electric Light Parade especially.

Besides that:

Black Metal and NSBM that sounds like snuff films look.

Tha Native Hipsters.


Tiny Tim.

Current 93.

Poseidon Council(Sam Shalabi).

Angels of Light.

Antony and the Johnsons.

All the french versions I've heard of classic oldies from the fifties and sixties, like "Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" aahhhhhhh! That's fucking great.

Ooohh... I recently discovered "Underground Rap." For the most part it's the same as the rest of it but there's a tiiiny little corner of respectable and intelligent artists! Namely the Anticon lable. Besides that... KMFDM, NIN, Manson, Perfect Circle, Sneaker Pimps, Skinny Puppy (For their incorrigable 80's style)... Average stuff.

I think that was me, sorry if I caused any confusion. Anyways, I knew that "Skank" was a nickname for Santuary; but I didn't know why( I haven't been going there for very long). And thanks for explaining the origin of the nickname.

"Skank" is a nickname for Sanctuary, i.e. Skanktuary . It started out as a companion joke to "Scuz-a-Fair" (which was a long-standing nickname for Luv-a-Fair) back when Sanctuary was at Palladium just around the corner from Luv-a-Fair. People would go to Scuz on Thursday and Skank on Sunday. Luv-a-Fair is gone now, of course, and Sanctuary moved to the Purple Onion over five years ago, but "Skank" stuck and lives on.

What's this Skank i'm hearing about? Someone said they went to Res and then moved onto Skank. And skank radio. what's this?

i'm not listening to anything because I just put in 17hrs doing production on DiSCORDER magazine and can barely function off no sleep.  Hans Kloss' Misery Hour provided excellent 2:00am entertainment though


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