what  are you listening to?

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its a question that belongs in all forums:

what are you listening to as of late?

right now im listening to my bloody valentine the loveless album


Dismantled - straight up

The Birthday Massacre - video kid

The Anix - illusion of time

Ever - decay

Sexy Death - telepathic sex with the machine

The Icarus Line - line all these motherfuckers up against the wall

RabbitJunk - orange laces

Gary Numan - listen to my voice

right now? Wolfsheim - Die Flut

what canadian bands (gothic/ebm/industrial) do you supose to be good ones? i'm also looking for some french stuff...


Sure you're the primary member of his fan club?  Actually he was pretty talented and mostly in a lame role.  I think Galaxy Quest was a hilarious mockery of the whole star trek thing and him in particular. 

Mostly though, his singing scares me - someone bought the CD as a joke and kept playing tracks when I was in school - frightening stuff.

Shatner...  as in William Shatner.  You know, he was on the original Star Trek series?  Cpt. James T. Kirk?  Sheesh, some people.

And Freaker, you HAVE to try and get ahold of his comedy routines.  He may have been scary while being all Star Trek-y, but he's a very funny man.  Also his role in Airplane! 2 is hilarious.  Don't be afraid, Freaker, he won't bite (unless you ask).


Oh you are so cruising for a smack (figuratively speaking of course, violence against women is reprehensible)(unless they like it).....

I honestly thought he typed Shatner - the red lights were all on, and I was all set to deregister from the board and then I noticed was shatter.....oh. 

And you mock this fear?  Have you ever been subject to any Shatner?  HAVE YOU?

OK me neither but it looked scary when they played snippets on the sci fi channel.


Angel Spit...I think i'm starting to miss these guys... as at least starting to miss having some one to run down a street screaming "I Want Your Meat!" with...*sigh*

I made my mum buy me two Lacuna Coil albums today, so they've been the play list. And Nightwish, Wishmaster.

Amy Lee, eat your heart out.

Listening to today  :)

Flowing Tears the album Razorbliss

Sonata_Arctica-   Album Reckoning

Godsmack ......Album ..the other side ep

New !! Judas Priest ..Album.      Angel of Retribution......Just for the hell of it.

    I  like certain music for different moods.

right now: Wolfsheim - Kein Zurück

usually: Deine Lakeien, Sisters, Siouxside and the Banshees, Helium Vola, Apokalyptica, die Ärzte... all things even remotely punk.

Also a lot of classic, baroque, renaisance and 20th century music (Schönberg, Pärt...). In the last weeks ever more romantic as well...

First off, Atratus, that pic is Wicked Cool!  ROFL!  I LOVE it!

I was just going to post what I was listening to, clicked to the next page, and SHAZAM!  It's so in your face.  So defiant. So punk!

Anyhoo, I can't stop listening to this Net Radio station.  I think 80s alternative is the music I'm going to grow old listening to.

Well, a new list now

Screwdriver - Skinhead (Yes, the premier in hate rock, i know, i just like the sound (evil) )

Necrophagia - Parasite eve

Necrophobic - Moonchild (awsome cover of iron maiden) (ok)

Da Da Da by Trio.  What a flash back.  I remember when this song would not leave the charts.  It got grating after a while, but now it just makes me smile...  uh huh.

Right now..


Within Temptation

The kovenant

Anorexia nervosa


Anorexia nervosa

Yep, thats about it, oh and Sonata artica

I'm currently listening to a few tracks from Orbital's Blue Album. Apprently it's their final album. 'tis a shame, no? They shall be missed, I'm sure. They've given a lot to the electronic music community (in my humble opinion)  for over 10 years now.

Andrea Parker at the moment.

Andrea Parker = good stuff. 

If you like that style, also try The Advent, Mathew Dear, Kruder.  Also checkout, although the site affiliates more with electro-bass straight out of miami. Parker is closer to electro-techno.  But it's all good.  Electro will take over the world!

Ohhh...Dead Can essential in my book.  Along with Delerium...lately I've been in a bit of a mood, and they're my perfect mood music.  Also, the Cryogenic Studio stuff is great.  But I really love most anything that isn't country or top 40 CRAP. (Strangely enough, my husband/partner is in the military so I've been exposed to more than my share...).  Basically anything that's moody/atmospheric gets me going.

Since moving to the West Coast I've been listening to a lot of Dead Can Dance again.  I've also been listening to Bauhaus, Aiboforcen, De/Vision, Adult. ,t.o.y., Stochastic Theory, and Delerium, and what ever electro mix my husband has on the mp3 player.


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