German Industrial: Oomph! and Rammstein

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I guess you all know Rammstein, but what about Oomph! ? Have you ever heard about them? They already exist much longer than Rammstein and in contrast to them, they never lost their heavy sound!

Learn more about Oomph!:

Did you know, that there will be a new Rammstein CD this fall?

Aren't they officially classified as Industrial Rock or Industrial Metal?  Which puts them in a different category than actual Industrial.

Something inside me finds the thought of classifying Rammstein and Oomph as industrial music revolting.

They may have some few industrial influences, but they do NOT produce industrial music.

This - of course - does not mean I don't occasionally enjoy some of their merry little tunes (preferably those without to stupid lyrics).

oooh, aaah, more funky German music. Eisbrecher should be added to that list, can't think of the web site right at this moment however.

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