Female goth models wanted!!!

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[size=2][/size] GOTHIC EYE PHOTO is seeking female models, no experience needed. Looking for models to pose for  "TFP"  (time for prints" . I am a semi-pro photographer who would like to get a good portfolio going on the Vancouver goth lifestyle. All models will receive free prints of all shots or a cd with all pics taken. I shoot in both 35mm film and digital. You dont have to be a professional, but we do want all models to have their own goth apparel/clothing. Photoshoot(s) will begin in late October/early November. Most shoots will take place downtown Vancouver mornings/afternoons and will be 3-4 hours. If you would like a free portfolio please contact Patrick a.s.a.p at  If possible send a few pics. If you need more info please ask. Casual/fashion/portraits/ no nudity.    Thank you.

We just completed a photoshoot a week ago, one of many in the last few months, this time we had a total of 32 people, 25 females and the rest male, we did a return of the dead type shoot, it was fabulous!!!  Next big project is set for March 2005, however I am always looking for amateur models who may want to get some photo's done for a free portfolio. Mostly emotive type pics, and also fashiion/glamour/dark art. Those who model for me always get the complete portfolio of all shots. Some paid assignments coming very soon.

This will be used to add to my personal portfolio, I need to add more goth to my portfolio as I have a flare for gothis and dark art. *Some photo's I will put on Deviantart, but only with the models permission. See  My gallery is Skidrow69. Over 175 photos of my work from street photos to fashion, wildlife and portraits, and some weird stuff as well. There are a few great shots there of Model: Kristina Lee in goth that I photographed. Please email me if you need any more info.

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