new years...anything?

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In my experience, new year's always sux0rs - always such a big let down. But then again, i've probably just been going to lame events.  Anyone know of any suitable mischief and mayhem this year?

I trust you eventually recovered, though I must admit I was a bit disappointed not to see you two at Sanctuary.  Maybe next week. ;)


I had a great time last night. The original plan of skipping over to Radioaktive from Sin City got completely subverted by Sin City being more fun than it has been in ages. Thanks, Swoopguy, for hanging out with Valerian and I, the "donation to the site", and for the ride home.

Well, this is it. 

Happy New Year, everyone! 

I trust everyone had a wonderful time last night.  My evening was peachy keen!!!  Thanks again to all the folks who made me feel at home.  May the worst days of the coming year be better than the best days of the last.

luv and stuff,


yes, yes there's always a next year.  missing new year's isn't like, say, missing George Shearing because one's aunt decided to have her wedding on that day, or missing Allen Ginsberg because he DIED.

(yeah, i'm still bitter)

There's always next year, I guess. I hate it when things like that happen. I'm still annoyed about missing Faith and the Muse because of the flu.

i was supposed to go to some big party , which was nice because i have never really celebrated new years always loathed it , but thanks to my lip being swollen like a melon and fucking sore i look like some sort of very sick oral herpes victom....... so no fun for me it seems.....i am fucking pissed off .....

They are actually not that hard to find.  If you drop the addresses provided by Atratus into mapquest you can get a pretty decent map.  I believe the nearest skytrain station is "Waterfront."  And that comes out right on Cordova if I remember correctly, which should make finding 23 west pretty easy.  Rodaos is right at the point where Water and Alexander meet.  Hope that helps. 


I  was also wondering about new years, also ive never been to any of those, so ill need directions!! Also does anyone know where i can do some fire dancing/spinning courses?

I think Graeme ("DJ Pyxis") was spinning before Isaac. Don't trust my fallable memory, though. Keep an eye out for when the set list is posted to the mailing list.

do you know who the dj on before him at sanctuary this week was?

(that sentence is so grammatically offensive)

he done mixed that thar music real purdy-like!

Yup, Isaac has his hand in both. Of course he is doing neither alone and the clubs are only about 100 metres apart, so it's not as Hurclean as it might appear at first.

There are two good options this year. The Decades folk are having an event at Rodaos (7 Alexander)  and there is a New Year's Sin City at Club 23 West (23 West Cordova).

I agree. New Years is one of my least favorite holidays. It always seems to end badly for me, one way or the other. I think I'm cursed.

However, I should add that the least bad experiences were always at smaller intimate house parties with close friends. My suggestion: stay in and have a small intimate party with some close friends. Going out on New Years is overrated.

...or maybe, like you, I've just been to a series of lame events...

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