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I noticed there's a lot of new people, such as myself that are new to Vancouver/the scene here.  Would anyone be interested in doing regular meet-ups nights at a coffeehouse or somesuch?  I know the goth meetups they had here are pretty much defunct...who wants to revive them?

Now that Skank is at Celebrities there are some good nearby coffee-house options for pre-meets. The Blendz and Granville and Davie for one.

why not meet before sanctuary at a cafe..grab a cup of coffee and a bite..then head to the club?..i just got a new job and seem to work some sundays..but im sure i can request at least one off if u guys decided to pin sumthing down..till xmas tho im pretty booked up what with christmas, b-day, being out of town..blah blah blah..and ya im sick and never leaves!

Trixy, I'm sure you could glare evil, at least I'm sure 'normal' passers by would conceive it as evil.

Aaaaany who, I will be at Skank next week, attatched to my ball-and-chain and all his drama, so I hope to see some one else that I can talk to there!

ok ok i mean sanctuary is a good idea, but i didnt say lets go to sanctuary but not to go to the others...

cant we do it all? maybe some of you can come on sundays , some of you can come wednesdays it depends...

like i said before i m still sick, i have problems with my lungs, but next week i ll be ok i hope, and i ll be in sanctuary in every sundays, if anybody comes, join me, i ll also join you in every idea as much as it's possible...

Hey! Thats why I suggested Curiosity, its on a Wednesday. I didn't think Skank would be the best place for a meet up, apparently at Curiosity you can actually hear your self think over the music. Meh, either way I'm good, as long as it's after the 14th.

I think meeting up to go to Sanctuary is great but I also think there needs to be something else a little more quieter.

what about Sanctuary sundays? by the way nowadays i m seriously sick so i  seem to be off but as soon as i get well, i ll be on again...

I'm all for meeting up any time after 12:30 on the 14th. Ok, so I thought I'd put a couple of ideas out there. Both are the same kinda thing, meeting up for coffee or something, before heading off to a club. Now we can either spin that for Curiosity on Wednesdays, [s]DarkRave for Saturday[/s] or Shift on Thursdays.

I, personally, think we should at least attempt to get together before the holidays and have a "holiday party" type thing.  However, if everyone thinks we are too pressed for time or everyone except me is busy with holiday planning, I don't mind meeting after wards.

Oh, this has taken off so well.  I will be moving soon, and therefore won't be able to take advanatge of the nights, but I'm glad you guys took this idea and ran with it.  This could turn into something really great, keep it alive for me ;)

great time on thursday night, great to meet all of you, and should try to do this again as soon as possable, at anouther cafe or some other knid of venue

good times

Definately...  for those in the group who have quieter voices, the loud music is not helpful.

Hmm...  maybe we should try and have some sort of holiday-esque gathering once school lets out for Christmas break?  I will make candy cane cookies for everyone and then everyone will love me!

Agreed! Uh, though I'm tied to my school books till the 14th, so I'd be

out of anything till after then. Hows about another venue? I'd be happy

to try and find some place with slightly quieter music.

So, who's up for having another meet up?  Since it took so long to plan the last one, we'd best start now if we want to get together once more before the Christmas-y season takes hold and everyone gets busy.

Thanks much for that! Then name of the place should be enough to run a search on yellow pages. If not I'll just call. Thanks again!

MILLINERY SUPPLIES!! I have been looking to learn millinery for a while now but have been having a hard time finding courses etc..  What is this magical Charles Stern place??!

excitedly yrs,


Umm, brandy, that may just work. :D

Oh, Valerian, could you pretty please pass along the name of the millinery supplies place? Thanks muchly.

It really was a good time.  I think we should try and make a point of getting people together more often.  The turnout went up from 2 - 7 from the first meeting to the second...  who knows, maybe soon we could have everyone from the area together for a shindig.  Woot woot!

Anyhow, I had a great time and loved meeting you all.  You're swell peoples.  ^__^

ya it was a good turnout this time..i was a little surprised by the venue..i thought small..but it looked like a was fun..except i came home fell asleep and woke up this morning feverish and with a killer sore now i get to be sick this weekend..yay *sobs*

I am so excited.  Tomorrow I get to hang out with people instead of staying home and cleaning all day.  Gets boring fast.

Ooo, since you are meeting up at the VAG 5ish, I'd love to join you!!! Trixy, there is a bunch of shops, including the Pacific Center(I think) within one block of the VAG that are sure to have food. There is a SaladLoop and a Crepe Cafe up Granvill St, a block or two from the VAG(I can't remember off the top of my head, I don't spend much time Downtown). Hope thats of help.

That sucks, harrysheep.

Oh, by the by, my bus is getting out there about half and hour before I am meeting Atratus and Valerian at the VAG and since I don't get a lunch break at work, is there anywhere within walking distance that I could grab something to eat quickly?  If not I shall pack a peanut butter sandwich.

farg, turns out i have to go to Victoria for a meeting on Thursday (ah, the glamour).  Getting the 5pm ferry back, so i doubt i'll make to to subeez before y'all decide to call it a night...

although i am hoping to round up a crowd for Blender on Friday (blender's still fridays, right? lemme check the calendar).. so maybe I"ll just see some of you there.  I'll be the, er, 'ethnic' one (read: 'brown') with short hair.

Alright, sounds like a definate plan.  Is it just going to be Atratus, Valerian and I, then, folks?  Oh well, more hogging the artists who can tell me interesting things all to myself.  Bwii!

I am actually quite excited.  I know this is probably really pathetic, but I have never been out to Vancouver alone, so this is going to be the highlight of my week.  Yay!

We can meet earlier. We're only four blocks away, so 5:00 is fine. We'll meet in the foyer at the Robson Square entrance (where they have the car-sculptures, the entrance nearest the gift shop).

I...  do not like buses.  But I have figured out a schedule that will get me there, so once I know if people are able to meet me at VAG a little earlier than 6:00 so as I can still go meet the others at Subeez, I am good.  Maybe we can compromise, meet at VAG at 5:30 and I will just be a little late to Subeez.  Well, whatever, let me know.  ^__^

Valerian - I know you aren't scary folk, but it doesn't matter overmuch anyway, since he is working that day after all due to a scheduling change, which means I am going to be braving public transit from Maple Ridge to VAG and then to the coffee shop.  Oh, yah, as for your "go out afterward" plan, I was hoping to catch the exhibit (around 5:00-ish? Maybe a wee bit later) and then booting it to Subeez, the cafe that fleX "found" and which has been designated the meeting place at about 6:30.  *shrugs*  This planning thing is HARD!

He is a little too...  mainstream to feel comfortable with all you spooky goths.

Aw, come on now... we don't bite. 

Not all of us, anyway.  :P

I'd be keen on meeting around 6 or 6:30, to give us some time to soak in the exhibit, and then perhaps hit a café/pub/restaurant for beverages after.  Does that time work for everyone?

BTW, I believe the VAG is "by donation" on Thursdays still (between 5-8pm), so it's pay-whatever-you-can.


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