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Bowie Ball 2020


Saturday, January 11, 2020 - 7:00pm


The big night is a week away so we thought it would be a good idea to let you know exactly what we have planned for this year's event.

First and foremost: the music. Seventeen diverse live bands will grace the Rickshaw stage in quick succession starting at 7:40 pm. Almost half of these are first time participants and all are more than worthy of your appreciation, so come down early and stay until the sweet end! Here's the schedule:

07:00 Doors
07:40 Steve
08:00 Abel Collective
08:20 Campfire Shitkickers
08:40 Rebel Valentine
09:00 Preston and Fletcher
09:20 Cass King
09:40 Van Rays
10:00 Danny Echo
10:20 Rong
10:40 Mel’s Rock Pile
11:00 The Pack AD
11:20 Eleven Twelves
11:40 Daddy Issues
12:00 Blackstar Band
12:20 Rawk Lobster
12:40 China Syndrome
01:00 Slip-Ons

DJ Daddy Reed will be on the 1s and 2s before, between and after the live sets.

MCs Dennis Mills and Tony Lee will aggravate and annoy you all night as opportunity arises.

Costume Contest: While the bands play, our droll MCs will scour the crowd for outstanding costumes. Three times in the night they will promenade a batch of these contestants before you and, through an esoteric combination of applause-o-meter and sheer caprice, crown one of them the winner of that group. Round about the witching hour, these three winners will face off to determine the grand prize winner. All three of these final contestants will go home with a prize!
(Attention: businesses wishing to promote themselves with giveaways please join the merchandise group

Face Painting: As in every past Bowie Ball, the glorious Mellow Friesen will be doing her Aladdin Sane face paint by donation in the foyer from 8-10 pm. She would go later but she has to get ready for her set!

Pre-Party: For the serious costume/makeup enthusiast, Powell Street Salon (356 Powell St. is hosting a fashion pre-party with professional hair, nail, makeup and wardrobe assistance on hand 4-7 pm. Guests may be treated to an early peek at some of the art on display and for sale later at the Bowie Ball proper.

Art Sale: This year we've really taken the art bull by the horns. There will be an extensive collection of Bowie inspired and related art created by a diverse array of local artists on display at the Ball and prior to it at the Powell Street Salon. All of this art will be for sale, at a fixed price or by silent auction, half the proceeds to the artist, half to the Cancer Foundation.

Merch: T-shirts and a variety of donated items will be for sale or up for auction at the Ball. If you want to contribute to this part of the event and get your company name out there, join the Bowie Ball Merchandise event here:

I hope I didn't forget anything! There's a lot of moving parts and FB in its great wisdom has recently decided that a "big" event can only be edited three times. Bearing that in mind, this is the event description we're stuck with unless or until something really important changes and I have to rub the genie's bottle again.

Here's to another crazy sold out Bowie Ball and all you beautiful people who continue to make it happen. Long Live Bowie and Fuck Cancer!

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