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Parade Of Lost Souls After Party


Saturday, November 2, 2019 - 9:00pm


Live at the WISE and Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret Present

Parade Of Lost Souls After Party
A Marine Themed After Parade Party

With The Dusty Flower Pot Cabaret
DJ Sweet Anomaly
Tarran The Tailor
More performers to come!

Saturday, November 2
Doors 9 pm
Tickets: $25 advance $35 at the door

Each year, as All Hallows’ Eve crawls slowly from the autumn mist, preparations are well underway for the Parade of Lost Souls Festival. The annual tradition, a decades-old East Vancouver mainstay, is refuge and release, community and collective for thousands of lost souls. Participants of the Parade of Lost Souls Festival gather together to redefine their ideas of community engagement; to reconnect with one another, and with ourselves, in a celebration of the cycles of life and death. The festival’s true popularity lies in its ability to inspire and accentuate the creativity of those who attend. The Parade of Lost Souls is proof that we have not lost our link to the richness and depth of the ritual celebrations of our ancestors.

The Parade of Lost Souls is organized by, and for, the community that it serves. It is a parade of spectacle and performance, an inclusive celebration for the thousands of lost souls that join us every year to meander along its route.

Parade takes place each year in the Commercial Drive area. In keeping with the decades-old tradition, the parade route is kept a well-guarded secret, announced only the midnight the before. And the party doesn't stop at the end of the parade. Celebrations continue through the night at the always sold-out Lost Souls After Party.

Stay creative, and we'll see you at the Parade of Lost Souls After Party.

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